Notice: To All Achasta Residents

Date:  November 25, 2016

Achasta Security Update

Please be advised that the Achasta Security Gate will be strictly administering access to the community. We need your IMMEDIATE assistance with the following items.:

Update your vehicle with a new bar code label if the one you are using does not work.

Update your “Authorized Guest” list to include all household residents and contact phone number with the security gate officers:

You can do so by calling (706)-867-7937 or emailing (achasta.officer@gmail.com)

ALL guests or contractors that are not listed on the “Authorized Guest” list must be provided to the security gate.

You can do so by calling (706)-867-7937 or emailing (achasta.officer@gmail.com)

Example: John Doe, arrival time, date.

Example: Contract Labor at your home, arrival time, date.

ALL contractors must enter through the main gate.

Note: Any contractor or work service being provided to a resident will need to have a LAST name and address of where they are going.  

Achasta residents are not permitted to leave packages at the gate, or have packages dropped off at the gate for pickup.  We cannot accept the liability of holding packages for homeowners.

In summary if you have not authorized a guest or contractor permission to access the community they will be directed to the sales center parking lot. It will then be the responsibility of the guest or contractor to contact the Achasta resident for entry. It is not the responsibility of the gate officer to contact Achasta Residents for guest access.

All guests going to the clubhouse for golf or grille will be given daily passes for their windshield.

Thank you in advance for updating your “Authorized Guest” list and adhering to policies that keep our Achasta community safe.