​The Achasta employees would like to thank all of our members who generously contributed to the Achasta Employee Appreciation Fund.

 We look forward to serving you all in 2017.

 Merry Christmas!

 Tom, David, Petey, Dan, Harry, Judith, Donna, Mea, Jordon, Joseph, Conner, Lilly, Trevon, Billy, Aaron, Hallam, Alexis, Savannah, Chelsea, Abby, Evan, Heath, Austin, Cooper,
Erin, David, Collin, Drew, Chuck, Madison, Brian, Peyton, Jonah, Carter, Logan, Caden, Jake, Dillon, Dalton, Kristina, Amanda, Erica, Robert, Chris, Steve, Wayne, Larry, Troy and Ezi

 Tom Fowler

Director of Operations