Walking Trails

Achasta currently has over three and a half miles of maintained walking trails for members to enjoy, with plans for additional trails in the works. Located within a 30-minute drive, is the start of the Appalachian National Scenic Trail, the nation’s longest marked footpath winding through 14 states.The Walking Trails in Achasta are an integral part of the residential community. You are encouraged to walk the trails and explore the magnificent landscape that is Achasta.

A river runs through it. As much as this curses many Golf players, the natural landscape and hazards of Achasta also offer the greatest beauty that makes a round of golf at Achasta such a beautiful and pleasant experience.

The trails do not cross the course. The graded challenges take all explorers away from the beaten track toward less groomed beauty. Though the trails don’t offer immaculate greens, all of the many trails within Achasta are immaculately maintained and easily accessible while some might be more challenging than others (Please ask for details of the trails and how they might challenge you)