Dining Etiquette & Dress


Dress code policies apply to all adults, children and guests. Members are responsible for the attire of their children and guests. Members should inform their guests of the dress code prior to their arrival at the club.


Proper Golf and Tennis attire as defined above are appropriate for lunch. For those not participating in golf or tennis activities, presentable clean denim (dress or casual) or warm-up suits in presentable condition are acceptable in the Clubhouse except on specified occasions. Saturday Night Dinner at the Clubhouse is Business Casual. Shoes, sandals or other appropriate footwear shall be worn at all times.

Special Events:

Dress for Special Events will be specified per the Event.

The dress code is not an arbitrary set of guidelines, but an opportunity to show one’s respect for fellow members and provide for the optimal enjoyment of our facilities. If the staff encounters attire they consider inappropriate for the occasion or inconsistent with these policies, Members or their Guests can be denied service or access. We encourage our membership to avoid any inconvenience or uncomfortable situation that might arise if they or their Guests are denied service or access, by erring on the side of caution. We are confident these guidelines will continue to provide an enjoyable atmosphere for which our Members have become accustomed.’