Course Tour

Hole 1 | Par 4 | 421 Yards | HDCP 6

The 1st hole is a challenging 421 yard par 4. A well positioned fairway bunker on the right side of the hole draws attention from the tee box. Long hitters can carry the bunker for a short iron into a large green. Par is a good score to start your round.


Hole 2 | Par 4 | 359 Yards | HDCP 16

The 2nd hole is a modest 359 yard par 4. Players must put this ball in play from the tee. A tee ball lost to the right can find the hazard that stretches the length of the right side of the hole. Also, a tee ball too far left can find a fairway bunker or be lost in the tall native grass. A short wedge can lead to the rounds first birdie. You must control your spin to get it close on the undulations.


Hole 3 | Par 3 | 183 Yards | HDCP 4

The 3rd hole is a demanding 183 yard par 3. The green is guarded by water short and has severe slopes left and long. This green must be respected for its speed. A good tee shot in the center of the green can still result in a three putt bogey. A good par keeps the momentum going in your round on this hole.


Hole 4 | Par 5 | 501 Yards | HDCP 11

The 4th hole is a reachable 501 yard par 5. A long tee ball will allow for a go for the green in two. The Chestatee River comes into play for the first time in the round as it has to be carried to reach the green.


Hole 5 | Par 3 | 173 Yards | HDCP 12

The 5th hole is a scenic 173 yard par 3 that looks up the river from the tee box. This hole is on an island in the Chestatee River. During the gold rush days, the river was dredged for gold and rerouted for around 300 yards.


Hole 6 | Par 5 | 593 Yards | HDCP 15

The 6th hole is a straight-away 593 yard par 5. The tee box sits in front of the Chestatee River as the golfer again has to carry the river to the fairway. A large fairway bunker on the right side of the hole is in the landing area from the tee shot. Two good shots will lead to a short iron to an undulating green. Three putts can cause a bogey due to the long rolling green.


Hole 7 | Par 4 | 439 Yards | HDCP 5

The 7th hole is a tough 439 yard par 4. The Chestatee River runs the length of the right side of this hole while the largest bunker on the course comes into play on the left side beginning 200 yards from the green. The approach shot will hold the green with as much loft as possible due to the green sloping away from the fairway. This is a large green and requires good distance control on the longer putts.


Hole 8 | Par 4 | 379 Yards | HDCP 14

The 8th hole is an unassuming 379 yard par 4. This hole is short but must be played accurately as yet again Nicklaus positioned a fairway bunker perfect for the tee shot missed to the right. The tee shot missed to the left however, can find the pond that is located on the left side. A good tee ball will allow for a short wedge to the green. Two giant walnut trees guard the approach shot from the right side of the fairway.


Hole 9 | Par 4 | 422 Yards | HDCP 1

The 9th hole is a solid 422 yard par 4. The Chestatee River flows down the left side of this hole and demands a good tee shot to ensure a mid iron to the green. Two fairway bunkers through the fairway are a good aiming point, but be careful of hitting it too far into the bunkers. Again the golfer has to cross the Chestatee River to reach the green. All golfers cross the river on one of five beautiful bridges on their way to the green. Par is a good score to make the turn to the back nine.


Hole 10 | Par 4 | 435 Yards | HDCP 8

The 10th hole is one of the most difficult driving holes on the golf course. The Chestatee River runs along the entire left side of the hole and is quick to ruin any chance for birdie. On the right side is a large pond that makes it very difficult to get comfortable with this demanding tee shot. The green is guarded by a very large bunker on the right side of the green so keep your approach shot a little left of the pin.


Hole 11 | Par 3 | 209 Yards | HDCP 10

The 11th hole is the longest of the four par threes at Achasta. Playing over 200 yards and very little room for error to the left as the river comes into play on any tee shot missed to the left. The left side of the green is guarded by a bunker the keeps many wayward shots out of the river.


Hole 12 | Par 4 | 426 Yards | HDCP 7

The 12th hole is the most severe dogleg at Achasta. The Chestatee River runs along the left side of the fairway but be aware of the large fairway bunker that grabs any tee shot played too far to the right. The green is guarded by a large greenside bunker that is very deep and difficult to save par from. The putting green is fairly flat so most putts on this green are a green light.


Hole 13 | Par 4 | 319 Yards | HDCP 17

The 13th hole starts the birdie run at Achasta. This reachable par 4 is one of the most exciting risk/reward holes in North Georgia. Playing 285 yards to the center of the green, this hole is guarded by the largest greenside bunker on the course. Be careful not to go too far to the right of the green as the Chestatee River runs along the entire right side of the putting green. The putting surface is the best defense for this modest par 4. Be aware of the large sloping green that makes putting very difficult.


Hole 14 | Par 5 | 540 Yards | HDCP 13

The 14th hole continues the run of possible birdies on the back nine. This is straightest and easiest tee shot on the back nine but be aware of the large bunkers on both the left and right side of the putting green. This putting surface looks very tame from the fairway but note the large two-tiered slope that makes it difficult to get to most pins.


Hole 15 | Par 5 | 535 Yards | HDCP 2

The 15th hole plays much longer than the 535 yards that the scorecard says. The fairway is guarded by a large bunker on the right side and the Chestatee River along the left. Once you have conquered the tee shot you now have a decision to make. Long hitters can go for this green in two but if you have to lay up, it’s decision time. The Chestatee River cuts across the lay up zone, forcing a long high three wood or a short iron lay up short of the river. If you choose to lay up, you face a demanding 185 yard approach shot to a narrow and sloping green.


Hole 16 | Par 4 | 390 Yards | HDCP 9

The 16th hole is a classic par 4. There are two large bunkers on each side of the fairway that makes an accurate tee shot a must. The green is raised slightly so make sure you add one more club as this green is heavily guarded by greenside bunkers both short and left of the green.


Hole 17 | Par 3 | 170 Yards | HDCP 18

The 17th hole is a modest par three. Playing as the shortest of the four par threes at Achasta. The green is slightly downhill but is protected by two bunkers, one on the left and one short right that are sure to catch any misfired shots at the green. The putting surface has a large slope that dissects the green, making any long putts a tough task to conquer.


Hole 18 | Par 4 | 451 Yards | HDCP 3

The 18th hole is one of the best finishing holes around. This long par 4 typically plays into the wind and requires a long and accurate tee shot. Be aware of the large pond to the right that comes into play on the tee shot as well as the demanding second shot. This sloping green can be very difficult to read and any misfired chip shot could easily find the pond the lays right of the edge of the putting surface.


Course Attributes

Par – 36-36-72
Play – Semi-Private; open for members, guests and the general public.
Golf RatesClick Here
Facility Hours – Open Friday – Sunday. Closed Monday.
Cart Policy – Use of golf carts is preferred, but walking is allowed.
Grass – Greens are G-2 bent grass; fairways and tees are Bermuda.
Course Record – 61 by Stuart Moore.
Tournament Course Record – 64 by Kevin Durkin.
Practice Facility – Practice Facility with all grass, and a putting and chipping green available.

Tees Rating/Slope Yards
Gold 73.3/136 6967
Blue 71.4/131 6434
Birch (Green) 68.6/127 6034
White 67.9/123 5799
Senior (Yellow) 66.3/119 5323
Red 68.2/122 4986