Here are some projects happening on the Achasta Golf Course.

Kevin Diver and his team have worked hard to maintain the Achasta Golf Course to the standards we all love and appreciate.  Below are some of the competed and on-going projects that will make the 2017 golf season exciting for all.

  • Repaired all liners in green side bunkers and added 30 tons of sand.  He has requested that all play to keep the rakes in bunkers after raking.  DO NOT put them in the grass.  Here are some of the projects happening on the golf course. Many of you have inquired about the condition of the Bermuda grass turf on the Achasta golf course fairways and tees.   The dormant color of the Bermuda turf was caused by extreme drought conditions that plagued our area in 2016.  We have experienced ample rain over the last 30 days and the Bermuda grass is starting to grow and recover from the lack of water.  In addition to the getting more water to the turf we are fertilizing the entire golf course this week to stimulate the grow of the Bermuda grass.  We anticipate having a completely green golf course by the end of May.
  • Regular maintenance is being done to the bunkers such as maintaining edges to not be overgrown.  
  • The team has also removed some unsafe / dead trees on the course.  
  • Attention has also been given to edging sprinklers throughout the course.  
  • Our goal is to bring Hole #3 back to being our signature hole.  The common areas between #2 and #3 will be continue to be maintained throughout the summer.  We are currently prepping the tee boxes on #3 tee for new sod and planning work to repair the dam.  
  • The entire course has been sprayed with pre-emergent weed control.  We have sprayed all tall fescue with weed control and sprayed out weeds in all flower beds.  
  • Trimmed plants along #9 green #10 tee area, #16 tee and both bathrooms.  
  • Fertilized entire golf course to promote growth.  
  • Prepped the cart path edges for sod
  • Top-dressed #17 red tee to help with wet areas
  • Sprayed wetting agents on dry looking tees to promote moisture retention. This will help it to green up.
  • Continually working on the health on the greens.